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Tiffany brought Zoe home as a puppy in 2007, and Zoe has been her constant companion ever since. Tiffany knew Aaron passed muster when he volunteered to take care of Zoe the day after the Packers won the Superbowl. Zoe loves farm life, but wishes we would build her an agility course too.

All with stories to come...

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aka, Lukas the Lazy Pit Bull. We adopted him from MN Pit Bull Rescue in 2012. He spends his day looking for warm, sunny places to sleep. He has no idea how big he is and will crawl on your lap for a cuddle if you allow it.

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Lexsie is an alpine mix and our primary milk goat. This sweet girl loves to lay in the sun and can usually be spotted perched on one of the spindles in the pasture. 

She is an excellent mother and a prolific milker, producing half a gallon of milk a day two years out from her last kidding. All of our current goat milk products are made with milk from Lexsie. 

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After listening to coyotes howl outside the barn our first winter here, we decided we would feel a lot safer with a livestock guardian dog. Odin is a mix of Maremma, Great Pyrenees and English Sheepdog. He lives in the barn with the goats and spends his nights patrolling the pasture and barking at anything that comes too close to his property.

Molly was born on April 2, 2015, and was the first goat born on our farm. She's small but carries a lot of muscle, and has beautiful coloring. In the future Molly will be one of our primary meat does, and will be bred to a Mytonic or a Mytonic/Boer mix for meat kids.


Harry was generously gifted to us by another goat owner who had too many bucklings. He's a Nigerian Dwarf/Saanen Mix, heavy on the Nigerian Dwarf, and is the cutest thing ever.

We were still bottle feeding him when we brought him home so he has imprinted heavily on humans, and loves to be pet. He's very friendly and has a gentle nature, so we're hoping he can pass those traits on to some kids along with the fantastic milk you typically get from a Nigerian Dwarf.

Chaos Twins: Jameson and Jack

Gone but not forgotten...

Arya is one of Lexsie's kids. Her father is a mini-Nubian, which I wouldn't believe if I hadn't met the buck, because she's huge. 

Luci came to us from Shonyo Farms in December 2014. She's a mix of Nubian, Boer and Mytonic, and came exposed to a Mytonic buck. Luci will be bred to either dairy or meat bucks depending on what we need to focus on for herd growth, and will be milked starting with her next pregnancy. 

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